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Bisk Farm  Cream Cracker Sugar Free

Cream Cracker Sugar Free

The Cream of all Crackers. You just won’t know where the Sugar disappeared. A true gem in our portfolio.

Bisk Farm  Masala Cream Cracker Sugar Free

Masala Cream Cracker Sugar Free

Sugar free biscuits with a pinch of masala.

Bisk Farm  Crispy Cream Cracker

Crispy Cream Cracker

The crispiest and thinnest cracker on the block . A product of our laborious R&D . Crispy Cream Cracker is a revelation in every bite

Bisk Farm  Snackies


Cheese, butter and tomato, all in one bite!

Bisk Farm  Half Half

Half Half

Sweet or Salty , this eternal debate continues with Half Half. This cracker is legendary in status and finds itself in the hall of fame .

Bisk Farm  Spicy


Tasty, tangy, crispy, …. the best biscuit for your tea.

Bisk Farm  So Sweet

So Sweet

New! Bisk Farm introduces unique Sugar sprinkled Cracker, SO SWEET. Little bit of sugar along with little bit of cracker.

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