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Bisk Farm  Mast Jeera

Mast Jeera

Chirpy , Chatpatta & Chulbuli , Mast Jeera is the right accompaniment for all evenings . We bet , you just can’t stop at one.

Bisk Farm  Jungle Bites

Jungle Bites

Kids go crazy when it comes to Jungle Bites. This animal and bird shaped biscuits is often the best solution for fretting mother when children refuse to eat.

Bisk Farm  Tid Bit

Tid Bit

Rounded to perfection , Tid Bit is an evergreen biscuits and it certainly a boon for all sweet biscuit loving children.

Bisk Farm  Choco


Pure chocolate in every bite , Choco will give you a high every time you bite into this delicacy.

Bisk Farm  Namkeenz


Life is not always sweet. Namkeenz is meant for those who believe that a bit of salt adds the zest for living into our lives.

Bisk Farm  Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart

Sugar coated heart, Makes the heart more sweeter

Bisk Farm  Cruncheez


Small Bites but big on Crunch

Bisk Farm  Popstar


Bisk Farm introduces POPSTAR, the delicious tasting popcorn which is coated with smooth caramel. The unique and sweet taste will make you feel pop up more and more.

Bisk Farm  Burst The Panda

Burst The Panda

Musky Melony Delite with every bite

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We Suggest

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  • Sweet Pie Vegetarian is the new addition to the variety of cakes of Biskfarm. You can now taste the delicious chocolate covered cream cake in absolute vegetarian form along with the essence of vanilla

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