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Bisk Farm  Thin Arrowroot

Thin Arrowroot

The classic arrowroot taste!

Bisk Farm  MARIE


The classic sweet biscuit

Bisk Farm  Vitamin Marie

Vitamin Marie

Vitamin Marie , packed with incredible power of Vitamin A,B,D and E . Take a bite to go from you to Super you.

Bisk Farm  Atta Marie

Atta Marie

Atta Marie comes from the orchard of the best biscuit brands of Biskfarm. The new ATTA MARIE is a unique product and is made out of 100 per cent Atta(whole wheat flour). Atta Marie is rich in fibres and hence adds to the digestive effect and gut comfort. Hence Atta Marie is a functional dietary alternative and is a potential source of good health.

Bisk Farm  Sugar Free Marie

Sugar Free Marie

Sugar Free Marie comes to consumers with same GREAT TASTE of Marie but with the goodness of health. It can be best described as ‘GREAT TASTY MARIE-ZERO SUGAR’.

Bisk Farm  Digestive


Rich in fibre , nature fresh . Digestive is the biscuit that balances your hectic and chaotic life style . Gives you back the punch to carry on.

Bisk Farm  Multi Grain ATC

Multi Grain ATC

All the goodness of Five Grains packed into 1 solid biscuit.

Bisk Farm  Glucose Champ

Glucose Champ

Biscuits filled with glucose power

Bisk Farm  Butter Biscotti

Butter Biscotti

Real Butter in every bite . Butter Biscotti is a artisan’s delight in every bite.

Bisk Farm  Coco Malai

Coco Malai

Coconut finds itself embedded in the very heart of this biscuit . Coco Malai is a must for all Coconut lovers.

Bisk Farm  Choco Plus

Choco Plus

More chocolate in every bite!

Bisk Farm  Nice


A perfect mix of Coconut and Sugar sprinkling , gives NICE a heady concoction .

Bisk Farm  Just Ginger

Just Ginger

If there was ever a biscuit , that spelled Class , it would inevitably be Just Ginger. This biscuit has a die hard following.

Bisk Farm  Cream Cracker Sugar Free

Cream Cracker Sugar Free

The Cream of all Crackers. You just won’t know where the Sugar disappeared. A true gem in our portfolio.

Bisk Farm  Masala Cream Cracker Sugar Free

Masala Cream Cracker Sugar Free

Sugar free biscuits with a pinch of masala.

Bisk Farm  Crispy Cream Cracker

Crispy Cream Cracker

The crispiest and thinnest cracker on the block . A product of our laborious R&D . Crispy Cream Cracker is a revelation in every bite

Bisk Farm  Snackies


Cheese, butter and tomato, all in one bite!

Bisk Farm  Half Half

Half Half

Sweet or Salty , this eternal debate continues with Half Half. This cracker is legendary in status and finds itself in the hall of fame .

Bisk Farm  Spicy


Tasty, tangy, crispy, …. the best biscuit for your tea.

Bisk Farm  Mast Jeera

Mast Jeera

Chirpy , Chatpatta & Chulbuli , Mast Jeera is the right accompaniment for all evenings . We bet , you just can’t stop at one.

Bisk Farm  Jungle Bites

Jungle Bites

Kids go crazy when it comes to Jungle Bites. This animal and bird shaped biscuits is often the best solution for fretting mother when children refuse to eat.

Bisk Farm  Tid Bit

Tid Bit

Rounded to perfection , Tid Bit is an evergreen biscuits and it certainly a boon for all sweet biscuit loving children.

Bisk Farm  Choco


Pure chocolate in every bite , Choco will give you a high every time you bite into this delicacy.

Bisk Farm  Namkeenz


Life is not always sweet. Namkeenz is meant for those who believe that a bit of salt adds the zest for living into our lives.

Bisk Farm  Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart

Sugar coated heart, Makes the heart more sweeter

Bisk Farm  Cruncheez


Small Bites but big on Crunch

Bisk Farm  Cheese Cream

Cheese Cream

Yummy cheese sandwiched between crispy biscuits.

Bisk Farm  Crunchy Cream Chocolate

Crunchy Cream Chocolate

Delicious chocolate sandwiched between crispy biscuits.

Bisk Farm  English Cracker Cream

English Cracker Cream

Bisk Farm   English Cracker Lemon Cream

English Cracker Lemon Cream

English Cracker Cream(Lemon) is the new lemony variant of the popular English Cracker Cream. Crispy biscuits with a layer of lemon cream inside- a rare variety of crackers with the fresh lemony feel.

Bisk Farm  Popstar


Bisk Farm introduces POPSTAR, the delicious tasting popcorn which is coated with smooth caramel. The unique and sweet taste will make you feel pop up more and more.

Bisk Farm  So Sweet

So Sweet

New! Bisk Farm introduces unique Sugar sprinkled Cracker, SO SWEET. Little bit of sugar along with little bit of cracker.

Bisk Farm  Smoothee


The most Delicious silky smooth cream biscuits

Bisk Farm  Bourbon


Chocolate and Purists have one thing in Common. They swear by Bisk Farm Bourbon. Need we say more.

Bisk Farm  Orange Cream

Orange Cream

With our Orange Cream around you , you will never feel the absence of Oranges. Rest assured.

Bisk Farm  Cottage Cream

Cottage Cream

Children love it for the Vanilla . Adults can’t just stop at one. Cottage Cream , refined English aroma captured with love.

Bisk Farm  Milk Cream

Milk Cream

No better substitute for all those who just want to escape from drinking Milk. Now, you can eat the Milk in Milk Cream.

Bisk Farm  Royal Cream

Royal Cream

This biscuit was created by our Master Chefs , blending the best of mixed fruits and then adding the cream . Indeed , a Royal Treat for your taste buds.

Bisk Farm  Creamy Lemon

Creamy Lemon

A dash of Lemon , a heady mix of cream and Voila ! you have Creamy Lemon .

Bisk Farm  Eliachi Cream

Eliachi Cream

A subtle hint of Elaichi , does wonder to this biscuit. It’s lingering flavour will keep you yearning for more.

Bisk Farm  Pineapple Cream

Pineapple Cream

Beaming with pineapple, Pineapple Cream is smooth and silky in texture and taste. Relish every bite of pineapple when you savour this biscuit.

Bisk Farm  Mini Cream Orange

Mini Cream Orange

All the goodness of Oranges packed into this Mini Cream.

Bisk Farm  Mini Strawberry Cream

Mini Strawberry Cream

Rich Strawberry in every bite. Strawberry Cream is the Yummiest thing that could happen to anybody .

Bisk Farm  Mini Vanilla Cream

Mini Vanilla Cream

Little vanilla treats

Bisk Farm  Mini Chocolate Cream

Mini Chocolate Cream

A small pack , for all those who like small packages in life. A Great Chocolate biscuit.

Bisk Farm  Mini Mango Cream

Mini Mango Cream

A small pack , for all those who like small packages in life. A Great Mango biscuit.

Bisk Farm  Jammy


Jammy is a set of 2 crispy biscuits with a jammy centre filled with delicious jam. Consumers can bite into delicious fun and enjoy a world of taste.

Bisk Farm  La jammy

La jammy

La Jammy are crispy biscuits with soft cream in between and topped with delicious jam. Bite into delicious fun and enjoy a world of taste.

Bisk Farm  Classic Petit Beurre

Classic Petit Beurre

The taste of France without sugar.

Bisk Farm  The Top

The Top

This Salty Buttery Biscuit has redefined biscuit eating . This biscuit promises to be on The Top of you mind always.

Bisk Farm  Top Gold

Top Gold

If The Top is a landmark in Biscuit history , then TOP Gold will the crowning Glory . Butter & Cheese blended together in the perfect marriage.

Bisk Farm  TOP HERBS


The flavour of aromatic herb makes Top Herbs a tasteful experience

Bisk Farm  GOOGLY


Salty biscuits with a sugary twist!

Bisk Farm  Googly Sesame

Googly Sesame

Crispy bakes with sesame topping

Bisk Farm  Googly Twist

Googly Twist

Googly Twist is a taste variant of popular Googly and is more spicy and peppery in feel. It contains carom seeds, black pepper, dehydrated parsley leaves and red chilli flakes which imparts a distinctive taste and flavor to it. The bite and taste will delight the consumers even more.

Bisk Farm  Almond Thinz

Almond Thinz

The lightest almond bakes in town!

Bisk Farm  Milk Thinz

Milk Thinz

Milk Thinz . The thinnest,lightest,tastiest biscuit you can bite into!

Bisk Farm  Heylo Butter Cookies

Heylo Butter Cookies

HEYLO Butter Cookie has an abundance of butter and is extremely crunchy. HEYLO Butter Cookies are ‘anytime’ Cookies – which means that they can be consumed at any time in the day as well as during special occasions. This is all-time great cookies to have ‘in house’ and ‘on the go’. Come, let us: ‘Start a conversation with HEYLO’.

Bisk Farm  Heylo Cashew Cookies

Heylo Cashew Cookies

HEYLO Cashew Cookie has an abundance of Cashews which leaves behind a great taste in the mouth. HEYLO Cashew Cookies are ‘anytime’ Cookies – which means that they can be consumed at any time in the day as well as during special occasions. This is all-time great cookies to have ‘in house’ and ‘on the go’. Come, let us: ‘Start a conversation with HEYLO’.

Bisk Farm  Milkuit


Milk was always healthy , but it never tasted better that now . Milkuit the delicious taste of health.

Bisk Farm  Atta Milkuit

Atta Milkuit

‘ATTA MILKUIT’ is the new addition to the basket of Biskfarm brands with a clear positioning. The world around us today is looking for products which have a health or nutrition connotation along with uncompromising taste. Atta Milkuit comes with the goodness of Atta (100%) and the strength of milk in it-vital for the nourishment of the children . The product is tasty, and the packaging shines with golden-yellow background depicting wheat along with a glass filled with milk .

Bisk Farm  Burst The Panda

Burst The Panda

Musky Melony Delite with every bite

Bisk Farm  Elaichi Wonder

Elaichi Wonder

Biscuits with a touch of elaichi!

Bisk Farm  Jeera Wonder

Jeera Wonder

Sprinkled with Jeera for your anytime snack.

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  • Vitamin Marie , packed with incredible power of Vitamin A,B,D and E . Take a bite to go from you to Super you.

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