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Bisk Farm  Gold finger Remix Masala

Gold finger Remix Masala

Masaledar and Munchy , Gold Finger is a must for every one.

Bisk Farm  Gold finger Chatpata Spice

Gold finger Chatpata Spice

Chatpata and Chulbuli Gold Finger is a great time pass.

Bisk Farm  Gold finger Tamatar Twist

Gold finger Tamatar Twist

Tamatar Twist makes Gold Finger Rocking.

Bisk Farm  Boom – Cheesy Thrills

Boom – Cheesy Thrills

Cheesy Thrills – Cheese Herb & Onion Flavour

Bisk Farm  Boom – Chilli Mexicana

Boom – Chilli Mexicana

Boom – Chilli Mexicana Sunkissed Tomato Flavour

Bisk Farm  Boom Desart Spice

Boom Desart Spice

Round and round, sparkling with spice and tasty in bite

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We Suggest

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  • Atta Marie comes from the orchard of the best biscuit brands of Biskfarm. The new ATTA MARIE is a unique product and is made out of 100 per cent Atta(whole wheat flour). Atta Marie is rich in fibres and hence adds to the digestive effect and gut comfort. Hence Atta Marie is a functional dietary alternative and is a potential source of good health.

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